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4 Easy Tips for Christmas Fire Safety

What You Need to Know About Christmas Fire Safety It’s an uncomfortable thing to think about, but a fire in your home is a real possibility.  During the holidays there may be a new fire risk coming into play as well, a Christmas tree.  Although Christmas tree fires are not common, they can be especially dangerous.  According to FEMA one out of every 31 reported home Christmas tree fires results in a death, compared to an average of one death per 144 total reported home fires. So, what can you do to help prevent this? Take a look at your heat sources.  A heat source too close to your tree is the cause of a quarter of tree fires.  If you have a space heater, you’re going to need to get it at least three feet away from not only your tree, but your furniture and rugs as well. Keep a close eye on your candles.  Or, alternatively, skip the candles and go with LED lights or some neat electric lanterns.  It may seem like common sense to double check candles, since it’s actually a fire you are starting in your home, but it’s easy to forget about them. Keep your tree well-watered, and get rid of it before it dries out.  Typically, a healthy and well-watered tree will have a very difficult time catching on fire.  However, a dry tree is a huge fire risk.  So, if you’re a procrastinator and usually just leave the tree up until you get sick of it sometime in February,, or March… make sure it’s still alive, well-watered, or just get rid of it already. Take a look at your ornaments, some of them may be flammable.  It’s important that you use only nonflammable decorations. Be safe this holiday season.  Even if you aren’t celebrating with a living tree in your home, take a moment to really understand where fire risks are coming from.  These tips may just save you from a holiday disaster.

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