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Emergency Checklist

How to be Disaster Ready

Being properly prepared for a disaster is easier than you may think.  Forward thinking and preparation can change how a disaster affects you and your loved ones.  It may be impossible to prevent a disaster, but you can make sure you are prepared for when it happens.  To do this, you need a plan and an emergency kit.   First off, the plan.  The type of plan, its steps, and how you aim to accomplish it is going to depend heavily on your living situation, your family, and the types of disasters that may be common for where you live.  So, lets go over some basics. 1.  Discuss with your household how you want to respond to the types of emergencies that are most common in your area.  For Californians, you may want to take a look at fire, earthquake, and flooding. 2. This planning it important for more than just your home.  Your plan should be inclusive for how to handle an emergency weather you are at work, school, or having some fun.  Start your plan off with responsibilities for each member of your household.  These responsibilities could be grabbing a certain item if they are at home, or they are in charge of contacting or organizing.  Work as a team. 3. PRACTICE.  A plan is no good if no one remembers it during the disaster, or are unclear on any portion.  Do a practice run, or three, and ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities! Now, you have a plan.  Or… at least a plan to create a plan.  Next, you’re going to need a set of supplies.  A disaster supply kit, emergency kit, or bug out bag should contain everything you may need during an emergency.  Here’s an easy checklist to get your supplies ready to go.

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