High Fire Risk Areas

Homeowners Insurance for High Risk Areas

Live in a fire zone? Had your insurance cancelled, or have you seen huge premium increases? We’ve helped countless California homeowners find AFFORDABLE coverage, even in high risk areas!

We service high fire risk clients throughout California. We deal with everything from high value estates to rural homes. No single-family home is too challenging for us.

Eliminating the CA Fairplan with Homeowner Insurance Policies Available for Single-Family Difficult To Insure Residences:

  • ELIMINATE the CA Fair Plan
  • Located in High Risk Fire Zones
  • New Constructions
  • Multiple Claims filled in recent years
  • And More!

Most insurance brokers do not have access to the appropriate carriers to insure high risk fire insurance clients under voluntary plans, meaning you get stuck with the CA Fair Plan! We specialize in in connecting and educating clients living in high risk fire zones to ensure they have coverage that protects them.

CA Fair Plan Customers are experiencing:

  • Drastic annual rate increases
  • Non-renewals of wrap-around policies in high brush and fire zone areasSay NO to the CA Fair Plan
  • Possibility of no Personal Property Coverage, due to any type of fire
  • Possibility of no Additional Living Expenses due to fire

We provide a complete homeowners policy, generally at a lower rate, and unlike your current policy Our Policy Includes:

  • Extended Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Extended Coverage for Jewelry, Watches, and Furs
  • Loss Assessments
  • Firebreak Phos-Chek Home Defense     
  • And Many More Coverages!

High Fire Risk Area FAQs

This is a program in which – at no additional cost to you– Firebreak trained personnel provide fire mitigation services to properties threatened by wildfires in select Southern California locations. The goal of the North Light Wildfire Mitigation Program is to protect and treat properties in the proximity of an active wildfire. This may not always be possible. We cannot guarantee that one of the service trucks will be able to reach all threatened properties enrolled in the program during a wildfire.

Throughout California we have seen the devastation wildfires can have on people’s homes and lives. We have worked with many customers who have suffered from this, and as part of our efforts to develop new and innovative ways to help protect our customers from these types of losses, we are offering this program to help reduce wildfire damage. We hope it will help us gain a better understanding of the process and its effectiveness.

Firebreak Spray Systems, LLC (Firebreak) provides this service.

Firebreak will respond. Firebreak’s Wildfire Prevention Specialists are “Firefighter I” certified with the state of California and have state or national wildland firefighter training and experience. For additional information, please visit www.firebreaksystems.com.

The North Light Wildfire Mitigation Program is offered at no additional charge to current North Light homeowners in the selected areas.

This service does not guarantee that wildfire will not damage your home, but it may decrease the probability of damage. It may also minimize any damage that does occur. Even with this program you should take all recommended fire safety practices, such as clearing the brush away from your residence. If your home is sprayed but still sustains wildfire damage, you can still submit a claim for the fire damage, as you normally would. Your claim, as always, will be subject to the terms and conditions of your North Light policy.

Customers with properties in certain designated locations may opt-in to this program. If you choose to participate in this program, you must complete and sign an Opt-In form and send it to the following address:


200 Burns & Wilcox Center
9370 Chesapeake Dr
San Diego, CA 92123


Please Note: If you do not sign and send the Opt-In form, you will not be included in the North Light Wildfire Mitigation Program and Firebreak personnel will not service/treat your property. Opting in to this program may take up to two weeks to process.
Even if you choose to participate in this program, we cannot guarantee that Firebreak will be able to reach your house during a wildfire. We assume no additional obligations for damage to your property, however caused, greater than the terms, conditions and coverages provided in your insurance policy, based on a failure to provide this limited complimentary service, no matter the reason.

If you do not want to participate in this program, no further action is necessary.

This substance is a long-term fire retardant called Phos-Chek® LC-95W. The company that manufactures Phos-Chek is ICL Performance Products. Once applied correctly, Phos-Chek will help protect your home and property long before a wildfire begins. Phos-Chek has been synonymous with world-class fire fighting chemicals for over 40 years. Applying Phos-Chek to or around your property will increase the chances that your home will survive a wildfire incident, especially if other principals of defensible space, as recommended by your local fire department, are followed. For more information on Phos-Chek, please visit www.firebreaksystems.com on the “About Us” page.

According to the manufacturer of Phos-Chek, the retardant renders woodland fuel sources, such as grass, pine needles and woody material, non-flammable. As heat increases from an approaching fire, Phos-Chek decomposes – giving off water vapor to cool the flames and leaving behind a non-flammable carbon coating. This coating insulates and restricts air flow, virtually starving the fire of fuel.


Phos-Chek’s manufacturer indicates the retardant is very safe and is fully qualified by the USDA Forest Service. However, although Phos-Chek is considered the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly fire retardant available, North Light is not liable for any damage or harm caused by Phos-Chek or Firebreak.

If Firebreak services your property, they will leave a door hanger providing you with helpful information before leaving the property.

According to the manufacturer, Phos-Chek may have a slight tint when it is dispersed. As Phos-Check is applied, its contents are more than 99% water soluble. An extra component thickens the solution in order to improve its “stickiness” and help it stay in place. After drying, this component might form a film that could increase the difficulty of removing it. Clean-up is easiest when performed as quickly as possible after the wildfire danger has passed.

Phos-Check is designed to provide fire retardant protection until it is washed off with a quarter inch or more of rain or sprayed water. Additional information on the easy clean-up process will be included in the door hanger if Firebreak services your property.

Neither North Light nor Firebreak will be responsible for cleaning-up or removing Phos-Chek from your property. If Firebreak uses Phos-Chek on your property, they will provide you with a helpful guide that gives more information on the easy clean-up process.

You may contact Firebreak directly and have a Firebreak spray system installed at your home, or have your property pre-treated by them at your own expense. These types of services are not included with the North Light Wildfire Mitigation Program, which only provides services at the time of an active wildfire.