10 Things To Know About The Sequoia Fires

The sequoia fires, a cluster of fires made up of the KNP Complex Fire, the Windy Fire and others, are the latest in a long list of disastrous wildfires that have torn across California and the pacific northwest this year. Here are ten essential facts about the fires, per the Mercury News

  1. The fires are threatening Sequoia National Park, home to the Giant Forest, which contains a 2,700-year-old giant sequoia named General Sherman among other very large, very old trees.
  2. “Gusty, northwest winds” are keeping the fires alive, forcing firemen to fly a red flag warning until at least Sunday night.
  3. The largest of the fires, the KNP Complex Fire, has grown to 21,777 acres.
  4. The fire first erupted as a result of a lightning strike.
  5. Firemen were able to protect the giant sequoias by wrapping fireproof aluminum blankets around their bases. 
  6. They’ve also implemented sprinkler systems within the grove to slow the spread.
  7. Thirty miles south of the KNP Complex Fire, the Windy Fire has attacked the Long Meadow Grove and the Peyrone Grove, spreading to 21,598 acres.
  8.  It has burned the forest’s famous “Trail of 100 Giants.”
  9. Resources have been scarce because fires have been raging throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. As more of them are contained, more crews will be sent to fight these sequoia fires.
  10. There will be over 900 firefighters dedicated to the Windy Fire soon.

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